My Fab New T-Shirt

I used to read other blogs where people were reviewing products and wish that I was the girl with the free clothes, the free shoes or the free gadget to review and thats now me!

I got the opportunity from Fuel My Blog to be that girl with the fab T-shirt.

The T-shirt came from Iffyton High Street, I love their website, if Camden High Street had a website – this is what it would look like, there are lots of little “portals” that take you to different themed shops. My Favourite little portal is Royal T. I liked this one because they had cartoon versions of bands, characters and stars.


Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Shirt

So I ordered my T-Shirt on Monday and it arrived today – so that would be First Class Royal mail postage. I ordered a Medium and now wished I’d ordered a large as it’s a little tight! (I’m not exactly skinny!) It would have been better if the website had a sizing chart (maybe it does had one and I missed it!)

The design is clear and the prints not broken or split – which is awesome. It’s quite a thick T-Shirt – so much so that when I ran outside to find my friend who couldn’t find out flat I didn’t bother grabbing a jumper till I came back inside and realised that it was cold outside and that I needed a jumper!

What would make Iffyton enormously better would be if they were able to source fair trade t-shirts other than that I love the shirts and love the designs.

(I will be back tomorrow with a picture of me wearing my new shirt :D)

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