My Hair Raising Comments

So like most people I like my comments – after all the more the merrier but in the last few days I have had one rather offensive comment (this was a genuine comment – not a spam message). Then I received two both asking me where I got my hair dyed as my post back in December titled So it’s Now .  EXCEPT none of the pictures are me, I point out to my readers that none of the pictures and again after each of the comments have pointed out it’s not me and I don’t know.

If I do go to a salon to have my hair dyed it’s usually Gina’s which I have been going to since I was little. If I do it myself it’s usually from Tesco or Sainsbury’s in Black or Red – I have one lot upstairs to do at some point which is Scharwkoff Live in Blackest Black or something like that and I will be having it done in the upstairs bathroom probably sat in the bath in my swimming costume so that I don’t dye every surface.

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