My Monday Night and Tuesday Morning

On Saturday I think it was I got a text from Phil asking if I wanted to go Clubbing on Monday – I was a bit unsure cos i’m not really keen on clubbing, i don’t really enjoy it – mainly cos I prefer rock or indie to dance, DnB or techno music.

So yesterday I was sat doing work but was less and less enthused about doing it. Kewey was sat at her house similarly unenthused about doing work (so she was posting bulletins on MySpace!). I asked Kewey about going cinema cos I wanted to do something but clubbing still wasn’t taking my fancy – while this is all happening Phil has signed onto messenger and was trying his best to convince me to go to. In the end it worked and then we set about convincing Kewey to come to. So at 10pm we met in Bankers it was sooooooo dead!

By 11ish we were in Oxygen (after dashing back to Kewey’s house and sitting at traffic lights next to The Gibb and Mrs Gibb!)

Anyhoo We had a great night! Certainly not what I’d normally have had planned for my Monday night! Kewey got on with Martyn, James and Phil really well which was very cool. When we were in Oxygen, we bumped into Sarah and Spinney who were dressed as Mouseketeers, Phil made a comment about having his photo taken with them because they were hot, Kewey played “Wingman” in a way and went and asked them nicely and Phil had his photo taken with them. I think James felt left out and so had to jump into the picture lol!!!

On our way back through town to head home, Phil decided that he’d take a nap on the flower beds near Boots. I might have pushed him into the flower bed and then flopped in a giggly heap on the floor! Well it was certainly one way to end the Monday Night and welcome in Tuesday Morning (which was about two hours old by that point I think!).


  1. elixa says:

    I feel much the same about clubbing. At uni I prefer the two underground rock places. Though if it is for someone’s birthday, I’ll make the effort, and think ‘what the hell’. It helps that after coping with Keith’s taste in dance music for a year or so, I’m becoming better at listening to it. I did used to like it until about 2002, more than any other music type.

    Its horrendous, but I am vvv out of touch with the clublife in Bedford. Am going to a friend’s 21st do at Kandi bar next weekend, and when I got the invite I hadn’t a clue where it was (have spotted it since). I am more familiar with Bankers and the pubs along the high street… which have probably changed in the last 3 years.

    *hangs head in shame of own social ineptity in Bedford*

    • Hannah says:

      Can’t help you with that no idea where Kandi’s is!

      I am the same we nearly always head to Bankers and then the cheese room at Oxygen, usually because they played stuff that we all liked even if they were oldies!

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