My Slimming World Journey: Week 1

Back in August 2013, I decided I needed to do something about my weight. Also, I needed something I could commit to rather than trying to do it under my own power. I chose to join Slimming World as a couple of friends attended the group and someone I went to school with was the consultant. Here’s my Slimming World journey.

I’ve been a member of Slimming World since August 2013. To start with I was really focused. I went and stayed to every group. I was writing a food diary and keeping track of that along with my Body Magic. Before long I could see the pounds dropping off.

Then at the end of October, we found out that Jaxon would be making an appearance. I kept going to SW with support from my Midwife and Slimming World Consultant. The plan is approved by the Royal College of Midwifery.

Christmas 2013

I had lost around a stone and a half. Over the length of my pregnancy, I put this back on. I kept going to group and I think that was what stopped me from going overboard. However, this was really hard when everyone else around you, are celebrating their goals and achievements. I knew I was putting on ‘good’ weight because it was all for the baby but at the same time it felt like it was ‘bad’.

Jaxon arrived and I lose the equivalent of a stone and a half between Jaxon (nearly 10lbs of Baby there!) and all the fluids etc.

40 Weeks and 2 Days – July 2014

April 2015

By April 2015, I had lost 2 and a half stone in total and was still breastfeeding Jaxon. I was half a stone from my goal and it was within touching distance, in fact, I could smell it, I was that close.

Christmas 2016

Fast forward to Christmas 2016, I’m less than a stone from my original start point. I’m back at over 12 stone. My shirts are snug and keep riding up. My jeans still fit but I literally cycle between two pairs of trousers that still fit me at the moment.

This photo was taken at my Cousin’s house. It was Boxing Day and it was the annual Christmas gathering. I’m near enough back where I started in 2013 and need to do something about it. I don’t avoid being in pictures but I certainly don’t always like the results.

So here we go, 2017 is my year. That target certificate and badge will be mine.

In May, we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and might be going away for a weekend. So that’s my deadline.

Be at Target by our Wedding Anniversary trip.

How this week went

With Christmas and all the extra parties etc that comes with it, I kind of had to admit defeat and just get through it. Between the parties, I tried to be sensible and not go too nuts. Between the Christmas weigh in on the 22nd and the weigh-in today (29th), it was a disaster zone especially with so many meals out throughout the week. I weighed in at the Friday morning group that meets at the Rugby Athletic Club.

Yesterday, we had been to visit Chris’s Aunt so I was prepared that I was going to stay on the scales with a massive gain. Fortunately, when I did stand on the scales there was only a pound gain which was good. Following the group, Mum and I went to deliver leaflets for our “normal” consultant. We ended up walking past my friend’s house so we got chatting with my friend for a few minutes before moving on with the leaflets.

Lunch consisted of pasta, sweetcorn and leftover chicken. I think we’re a bit short on fruit at the moment so I might have to despatch Chris to the supermarket for a fruit top-up while he’s out running errands in a little while.

Week 1: W/C 26th December 2016

I’ve decided that this time I’m going to try and keep a diary of sorts. Each week I will post here how my journey is going while I will keep my food diary in a planner. 


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