My Weekend Part 2

So I make it to the top of the stairs at Covent Garden tube and headed for the door. I got to the outside world and the heavens were opening all over the pavement lol. I put up my umbrollie and the first time it collapsed on my head – I just decided that I hadn’t put it up properly. So I put the umbrollie back up a second time and started wandering away from the tube station because I figured it would be quieter – as I headed for the wall near M&S and someone walked into my umbrollie and it collapsed again over my head.

Again I put it down to that the person had caught it so I put it back up again and grabbed my phone to call Zoza – I knew the cafe was somewhere in Covent Garden, it was just a case of where in Covent Garden. I started heading towards the Market as thats where I nearly always go while I am in Covent Garden. While I was on the phone Zoza, she tells me that I need to walk the other direction. So I started walking the other direction and my umbrollie collapsed on my head again – the third time was the final straw lol. Once I was off the phone I folded up my umbrollie and headed for the cafe (it’s called Cafe Eterno and it’s run by some fab people from London City Mission) luckily enough Zoza and her friend were stood outside waiting for me. I got in and abandoned my stuff and did a once over on the umbrollie – it was broken (the plastic bit that holds up the umbrollie had got a cut straight through it where it makes contact with the metal bit – yeah that makes sense lol).

(I didn’t take the pic it was gloomy when I was there)

I got to the café and Zoza, her Mum and her sister were tucking into chips from the local chip shop – I hadn’t realised actually how hungry I was so I went to grab some food. The chippy is called The Rock and Sole Plaice (Yes it’s supposed to be spelt like Plaice rather than place lol.) The guy who served me was so helpful. I’d dropped some of my change and he popped round the counter to try and help me find it (he’d just given me my food so I had the bag in one and with my can of Sprite balanced in that hand too then my phone in the other hand.)

I headed back to the café but was so in my own little bubble that I walked straight past the café – it was only when I got to Urban Outfitters that I realised lol. I turned back and walked back to the café. I had got a fish cake and chips – I expected it to be like a bright orange fish cake like you get at the chippies around here (like a pre-processed made jobbie) – my fish cake was a proper homemade style one and it was lush! I really liked it! I would most definitely recommend it if you are in the area (The address is 45-47 Endell Street , WC2H 9AJ)

Following the tea the proper event started. Zoza’s sister had managed to organise for a group of make up people from Bare Escentuals to come and do make unders. Yup not a make over a make under, it’s about natural beauty, the make up is make of like mineral powder dust stuff so rather than caking on like liquid foundation and make up can do it lets your skin breathe 

I took this first picture then That Boy told me I looked nice but I needed to have a smile so I took a second picture which looks better but you can probably tell that I felt like a right wally lol.

Following the make unders we sat and chatted for a little while then played a game. Every person writes a random question and then puts it in the hat (or in our case a bucket!). The bucket then goes to the first person who picks out a question and reads it – they then have to pick someone in the circle to ask it. We got to the end and I hadn’t been asked a question so the lady who was running the game came up with a question for me, it was along the lines of..

A leading London stage director walks in here, looks round the room and points at you he then says “You’re my next……” Which character would you want to play?

Eek! Well there are loads that I would like to play lol. My favourite two that sprung to mind were Meat (as made famous by Kerry Ellis) or Scaramouche from We Will Rock You (I couldn’t remember the names so I just said a female lead in WWRY) or Cosette/Eponine in Les Miserables.

After that we had a bit of a break and some of us wandered up to the shop where the make over people work – we hung out there for a little while and had a look at a multitude of different colours of eye shadow, foundation and eyeliner.

Following that we headed back and played Pass the Parcel, rather than a standard game where you have a forfeit and if you opened that layer you do the forfeit this time you had to pick someone to pass it on to. It was good fun and I enjoyed it although some of the group didn’t. (or at least it seemed like they didn’t)

At the end of the party we walked from the Café through Covent Garden to Charing Cross station to head to bed – I was so shattered! Having finished work at 5 I hadn’t really stopped I’d caught the train by the skin of my teeth into London gone straight to the tube and straight to the party. I am so glad that I did have the crazies and got on with it though.

(Part 3 to follow – grab a coffee it could be a long one!)

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