NaBloPoMo: Day 23 – Bits and Bobs

Each day at work I write a to do list – the idea being then that I don’t miss bits or forget important bits. Well this has spilled over in to my personal life and my To Do list is getting longer.

I realised that a whole bunch of my to do’s were to go back and look at particular links or websites that I had found but didn’t have time to look at.

Well here are some to share with you….

Happy Haul-idays

Chronicle Books are having a massive giveaway called “Happy Haulidays” – now I have the feeling it’s only open to people in the US but I have seen quite a few others blogging about it. You can find the original post here, other bloggers who have written about it include Becca, Corrin and Koree.

(How cute does Becca and Caleb look in their Maternity pictures. Heather at Heather Cherie Photography did the shoot – my favourite is when Caleb is holding up the yellow sun dress to Becca’s bump – aka Selah.)

Becca Caleb and Selah

Next up, The Brick House – not sure how I found the link but this sail that they put up over their garden is awesome – I love it!

Destroyed Apple products – it would seem that they are shiny and pretty when in working order as well as being pretty spectacular when broken. Someone tweeted this link.

Another link that was tweeted was this one – it’s iconic images of celebrities done in graffiti or with tweaks to fit in with features of the buildings. For example the door frame used to create the image from The Shining.

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