NaBloPoMo: Day Nineteen

I’ve decided that NaNoWriMo is stealing my sanity!

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So this is what my NaNoWriMo looks like at the moment – it’s about 61 pages in A4 but when I got bored the other day I switched it A5 and it goes to like 100 pages – I felt so chuffed like I’d wrote something awesome!

Its cheesy and would be a rom com if it was a film lol. It’s *that* bad.

I am writing this at 10 to 1, I need to go to bed so that I can function tomorrow but something in me wants to keep writing and it’s a pain so I want to tell that side of my brain to shut up! Yes I am tired and that eloquent.

I have two comments that I need to deal with but I think they are Spam. If you spam my dears you’ll go to the trash can and never be seen ever again and those IPs will be blacklisted or what ever it does because I don’t like spam.

Right night night one and all – sorry this isn’t in the normal vein of my posts.

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  1. suzy says:

    i wanted so badly to do nanowrimo…
    but. i quit my job and will be done end of december. so i’m doin my own nanowrimo in january. or maybe feb. we’ll see. i want to write a book so freaking much!

    • Hannie says:

      Suzy – why did you quit your job? NaNoWriMo in January or February sounds good – I think I might still be going at that point!

  2. suzy says:

    welll…lots of reasons. the numero uno one being that i want to teach music instead of being a receptionist. 🙂 i’m pretty excited to do something i love and get paid for it. whoa.

    • Hannie says:

      Teaching music is awesome! I play bass and the closest I get to teaching is shouting the odd note at my friend who is also learning the bass at the moment lol.

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