NaBloPoMo: November 25

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NaBloPoMo 2013

This Weekend I… started Saturday really lazy again – work has been crazy on top of still getting over the rough patch I’ve had!

This Weekend I… had to help my SIL with her car insurance – it’s complicated enough when it’s your own insurance let alone when you’re doing it for someone else! In the end Chris had to take over as I had to be elsewhere.

This Weekend I… helped at church as we had a “Unwanted for Wanted” sale. The idea was that people donated those awkward presents that they’ve been given but they don’t like. They had to be near enough brand new and unused. I ended up spending most of the afternoon with my Mum which was good. I have seen her but we’ve always been going somewhere else or being somewhere for a particular event. When it was a bit quieter we managed to cram in a proper girlie chat which was good.

This Weekend I… following the event at church we headed home. I sat on the stairs and knitted as there wasn’t really any point getting comfortable as we were going out again. Chris dropped Our Sidekick and I off at my parents. We were invading to have chinese for tea and watch Doctor Who. Chris was a little annoyed that we were watching it without him but I had texted him earlier saying “I promise no spoilers (sweetie) and I will watch it with you.” (Oh no! I just realised for all this time I might have been misquoting it! It’s Hello Sweetie or Spoilers! Well according to Wikiquote anyway).

River's Journal

This Weekend I… following hanging out with my parents, we came home, while Chris started the episode of Doctor Who I jumped in the shower and then came back for the remainder of the episode – it was easier than trying to not release spoilers for the whole thing lol.

This Weekend I… should have been at church on Sunday morning but for one or another reason we didn’t make it. It was nice to spend time together but it was a bit tense for a little while. We went out for lunch then walked home via the supermarket as we needed to pop to the supermarket. I then spent most of the afternoon working my way through a pile of craft magazines that my Mum had given me.

This Weekend I… having found a plan in a magazine of how to make your own envelopes I make like 10 envelopes out of magazine pages – however the instructions weren’t that clear so I kept playing with the pattern – it said about drawing three rectangles – but if you have three rectangles then it overlaps and doesn’t fold properly. Talk about complicated! I found places where you could buy a template but that didn’t help me really.

Template for making envelopes

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