NaNaWriMo & NaNoBloPo

So why in some drastic moment of madness did I decide that is some freaky universe I would be able to do both! And still be able to eat and sleep?!?!?!

This evening Me and Wendy-Lady (Mother of Lost boys)  went to see HSM3. Now technically I didn’t really want to see it – it’s cheesy but I decided that for my friend I would go anyway. So I did go.

We sat there and through the trailers made a list of films that we plan to see next. (I will publish this list later as there are some to add to it)

Despereaux looks pretty good and we definitely want to see Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist (HINT: I’d really like the book for Christmas so that I can read it before it comes out in January/Februrary. Michael Cera (played that guy in Juno) is it and a pretty girl with brown hair – i think her name is Rachel but I’m not sure off the top of my head (Again with correct this later hehe)

I did enjoy HSM3 especially going with Wendy-Lady. There was just us two and two other people in the cinema so we were able to dance along and take the mickey out of characters (usually Sharpay!) without getting any random looks!

So films are like books don’t judge them by the poster! Hopefully going to see Bond nect week. (I have a rant about James Bond films which will follow tomorrow I think!)

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