New Years Eve – 5am ish

It’s unusual that people see this early on NYE. Normally they are expecting to stay up late and see the following morning in. Well why am I up, well a combination of things, it’s either the cold making me breathe funny, the headache that either comes from those cells dilating or so I’m told or from blowing my nose too much or it’s just the 14 week old baby doing Riverdance either on my bladder or just fidgeting. I haven’t figured out yes, when I know I might post about it, but it means that at 5am I am awake. I was hoping that I would to back to work today but I could find that by 8am and my shift starting that I feel like curling up for a nap anyway. I woke up the same time yesterday morning but just got up went to the loo and then came back to sleep. Having said that there are a few bloggers I know of out there who get up around 4:30/5ish and start their day as a fully functioning human. Clearly it helps if you’re used to it!

I’ve just realised that I haven’t formally introduced you to my baby, then again for now s/he is just a black and white grainy scan image nicknamed either Pickle or Blueberry. I’ve abducted Chris’s iPad as it was on charge downstairs when I decided that staying in bed tossing and turning was just going to wake Chris up. I’ve been reading Speak Love by Annie F. Downs. In there she talks about Moses and the burning bush experience. Well like a lot of kids who grew up in Sunday School I’ve heard the story over and over but it’s only now that I broke it down and probably read it at as a grown up with Annie’s observations did I realise a few things, like the fire thing God says is Moses name, well how much better do we feel when someone remembers our name or calls up by name rather than Darling or Sweetheart.

Speak Love by Annie F. Downs
The second thing is for his safety in a way and because God cares for him and doesn’t want to see him harmed – after all yes there’s a burning bush that isn’t burning up but is still blazing hot and will hurt him if he sticks his hand in the flames.

Then he introduced himself – as if Moses didn’t know but it’s like when someone comes up to me and says “ah you’re Hannah, Albert’s granddaughter” it sort of puts it at ease that it’s not some complete weirdy bob that knows my name. God then tells Moses. “I’m the God of your father and his father and his father too” it’s like I know your whole family and it’s nice to meet you.

How much more loved to we feel when we’re introduced by our name and then our relationship so, this is Hannah my wife or Chris my husband rather than my husband Chris – it’s sometimes as if the fact Chris is my husband over takes the fact that he is Chris to start with. Okay so this doesn’t quite work as give it a little while and I’ll just be baby’s mum before I’m Hannah but it’s okay, God still knows me as Hannah and then Chris’s wife, Our Sidekick’s Foster Mum and Pickle’s Mum. He’s got my name written on his hand and if you asked him he could find it and point it out without even wondering where it was hiding.

These are probably just rambling a of a tired pregnant lady but hopefully they make sense.

Let’s attempt for a few more hours sleep. Night night.