Nine Yarn Projects for 2022 (Yuletide Blanket)

Back at the beginning of January, I shared Nine Yarn Projects for 2022. I’ve so far completed two projects (here – actually maybe 3 now but will need to circle back to that one!) and I’m working on another one of the projects.

Yuletide Blanket from Attic 24

For Christmas last year, my Mum and Dad gave me the Yuletide Blanket yarn pack and pattern. I started the actual Yuletide Blanket pattern but I wasn’t loving it. So came up with a Plan B, which again I fell out of love with (also it got put away in the wardrobe so that it didn’t keep migrating across the lounge floor from under my desk). But now we’re on Plan C. Use the Yuletide Yarn pack but the Granny Stripe pattern creating this new idea… You can get the stripe order from the Attic24 website here.
(Original Pattern here. Yarn Pack Here. Granny Stripe Pattern here).

17th August – so far I’m on the third colour just a whole heap to go!