Odd Socks or is that Socks Odd

Yesterday I was reading one of my favourite blogs which can be found here. The Author is Kelly, and she rocks! I was reading her blog post about how she ended up at work in odd socks! 

Well I had to common because I live in odd socks! I think it’s like a good luck thing because when ever I have been to job interviews and worn matching socks the interview has gone horribly wrong – so when I went to my interview at the company I work for now – I made sure I wore odd socks! And now i’ve been there 8 months. 

Anyway so on another reader who goes by the name of Slimbru (who by the looks of it doesnt have a blog so i can’t share some love! 🙁 If you read this Slimbru let me know if you have a blog and I will post a link) commented about a shop called Little Miss Matched. It’s soooooo fab!!!! I haven’t managed to work out yet if they ship to the UK which is a little annoying – although I might be able to speak nicely to Mum’s friend and see if I can ship my purchases to his address in the US and then he can bring them back over next time he’s over here :).

They sell socks in packs of 3 single different patterned socks so that you have to wear odd socks!!!!! How exciting!!!! They actually sell pairs of odd socks!!!!! Thats soooooooooooooooo me!!!!! (I am freakishly excited about the whole thing!)

The excitement that I had yesterday was like cheesily excited now today it’s died off a bit.


  1. Suze says:

    funny, i don’t like to wear socks…growing up in Southern California we were always outside barefoot and now even as an adult i find it a bother to have to put them on, well unless there is snow on the ground. sorry to hear about your grandmother. i never knew either of mine as they passed away before I was born. i always envied my girlfriends who had them. take care and it was nice to learn a little about you.
    suze (vintagesuzeq)
    swap-bot: i love your blog 2 swap

  2. kelly says:

    thanks for the link love, hannah!

    There’s also The Sock Lady. She has a contact form on her website and you can ask if she ships to the UK.

    I found my pair at a gift shop when I was visiting my folks on Cape Cod.

    And I was as freakishly excited as you are. 🙂


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