Gentleman called up slightly annoyed that we’ve not answered his email.

So I go on the hunt track down the email – we haven’t replied as there are no attachments to the email (and well I think my manager was avoiding it!)

I ask him to send the attachments again so I can have a look and get it sorted.

He stays on the line while I print them off and come back to the phone.

Customer: Why did I need to send my receipt to you if you’re just going to give me the information I have in front of me.

Me: Well sir it’s a normal process that we go through when ever a customer requests the keys or code for their safe.

Customer: Grr….(general grumpy-ness!!!!!)

Me: Sir, what type of batteries did you put into your safe?

Customer: Erm What batteries? I haven’t put batteries in it?!

Me: Ok sir we recommend two certain brands

(Customer puts in batteries and the safe opens first time!!!!)

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  1. Kate says:

    Oh man, reminds me of a support call I heard about for computers – the support engineer finally ascertained after some puzzling information that the woman was in her kitchen, looking at her microwave…!

    Well, one more happy customer for you.

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