our BIG adventure 2013: Day 4

In the summer of 2013, our BIG adventure as a family was to Blackpool and the surrounding area. Here’s the story of our travels…

Blackpool Tower at Night

On Monday we went to Liverpool, Chris asked me where we were going so I said “To The Moon” oh dear this was a bad comment to make. Chris looked up on his iPad to find the moon. In the end he found a house or something like that, that registered on Apple Maps as The Moon, as I was driving I didn’t know this until the Splat Nav confirmed that we had arrived at our destination.

Following the magical mystery tour (actually I guess it was the first Magical Mystery Tour of the day but that will come later!) we headed for a local train station, when it came to the cost of parking near where we were going it made more sense for us to park a bit further out and catch a train into the city itself. We caught the train at Kirkdale and headed into the city – it was about 4 or 5 stops and probably took about 30 minutes ish. I think Chris said it was about £7 for all 3 of us on the train and that was a return ticket (I think a 1-6 Zone card in London is £6.50ish each!)

By the time we’d arrived in the centre it was almost lunchtime, I’d remembered to boil the water and fill up my flask for my pasta pot but it was only when I opened my bag did I realise that I hadn’t picked up the pasta pot. Eek! What was I going to have for lunch?? So I made a decision, it would involve spending syns which I was trying to save up for dinner and gave in to a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle (I think it’s like 8 syns or something like that – it was bad but so good!! lol).

On the way to The Beatles Story we popped into Waterstones so that I could look at books and possibly spend my voucher I won at work last week. I bought The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen (Book Two in the Rizzoli and Isles series that the TV show is based on) and a book by Kathy Reichs (it was one of the Tempe Brennan books but I can’t remember which one off the top of my head). I also bought a new Keri Smith book which I was stood at the till. I still haven’t finished my “Wreck This Journal” book but bought this new one…..seriously need to get my creative on! lol.

The #yellowsubmarine next to the #titanic. #albertdock
We then walked down to Albert Docks to go to The Beatle Story museum. For as long as I can remember I’ve liked The Beatles, in fact I’m convinced that I agree with James from Sliding Doors (played by John Hannah)……

Everybody’s born knowing all the Beatles lyrics instinctively. They’re passed into the fetus subconsciously along with all the amniotic stuff. Fact, they should be called “The Fetals”.

I always knew that they’d grown up in Liverpool and played lots of gigs at The Cavern Club but I learnt so much more, like The Beatles were originally called The Quarrymen and their fourth member wasn’t originally Ringo. Also that the other three had been at school together but George was like 3 years younger than the rest of them.

We had a bit of a family falling out on our way round to the second exhibition a bit further along the docks. At one point we nearly lost Our Sidekick as he was in a strop and wasn’t walking with us. We’d turned a corner and he’d thought we’d gone the other way – thankfully it wasn’t too much of a separation and we found each other within about five minutes.

The second display was a selection of photographs taken on tour and behind the scenes of The Beatles then a 4D movie including a bunch of Beatles songs and in the next gallery there was an exhibition and audio tour about Elvis and the affected had on The Beatles and the songs they wrote and played. The bit about Elvis was quite interesting but I think had it just been that bit I wouldn’t have necessarily gone to see that bit.

Dinner time! Took like 20 mins to order even though its quite empty......... #loveyoursummer
We had dinner at Pizza Express. I had a Grand Chicken Caesar Salad, I gave Our Sidekick the dough sticks minus a tiny bite that I had. Unfortunately, I found that it wasn’t filling enough. I ended up having the pasta pot that I hadn’t had for lunch when I got home which was a bit better.


    • Hannah says:

      Unfortunately not, had it just been me and Chris it might have been an option but by the time we’d finished and had dinner it was getting on for about 8pm so they might not have been happy to have an underage teenager in that late. Maybe another time we can do that. I did have a look on the map to see where we were in relation to it.

      Yesterday we went to the cinema and actually ended up one street over from “Mendips” which was the house that John Lennon grew up in.

  1. Becca Sibley says:

    Re The Rizzoli and Isles series on TV, did you know the guy who played Frost sadly died this week 🙁 It’s not made the news much here, which is sad.

    Dave is a huge Beatles fan and I’m going to make him jealous about your trip!!

    • Hannah says:

      Hey. That’s so sad – he was 29! Just read the news story on Yahoo. It says that the set has been closed down while the cast and crew take some time out and that they don’t know how they’ll go about writing out Frost’s character, also how the show will continue.

      I know when John Ritter (the Dad in 8 Simple Rules) was written out by being involved in a car crash as it was something that could happen “off screen” given how sudden his death had been.

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