Our Danish Adventure: Day Four

Each year we end up going somewhere different for our summer holiday. We’d look at a couple of ideas but still wasn’t sure where we wanted to go. When Chris asked me and I said I didn’t know, I showed a map of Europe to Jaxon and got him to pick. Originally he picked Oslo but in the end, we settled on Copenhagen. So here we go, our Danish adventure. Back in the Summer I started writing about our adventure but life kept getting in the way. Now I’m finishing!

Image of Nyhavn in Copenhagen. A red box includes the text "Our Danish Adventure"

My main plan for today was to go to the Tycho Brahe Planetarium It was 10 minutes walk from the hostel so not far at all.

The boys were really cute. I was awake but still had my eyes closed while I tried to eek out just a little more sleep so I stayed as still as possible and listened to them chatting.

Chris: SSH! Mummy is sleeping.

Jaxon: My shoes are too loud.

They were trying to get out to go and get us breakfast while I had a lie in. It was very sweet of them both.

It was very quiet at the planetarium but it meant that we got to explore it properly – There were a lot of exhibitions that would have sucked if it had been busy.

The auditorium in the Planetarium was huge – it was amazing! I was getting into the presentation then Jaxon decided he needed the toilet. To get to the toilet we had to back upstairs within the auditorium then all the back down to the ground floor. By the time we got there it wasn’t worth heading back up to the auditorium so Jaxon and I waited downstairs for Chris to finish.

After the planetarium we took the bus to Christiansborg Slot (The Christiansborg Palace). We got a boat tour from here around the canals and the harbour We went past Nyhavn and the Church of the Saviour in Christiania. It is most famous for it’s helix spiral with an external winding staircase that can be climbed. We took a route right up the harbour to The Little Mermaid then back in a loop to Christiansborg.

We then went to the Experimentarium Museum. This was another amazing museum for kids – there was just so much to do and see. I just wished we’d done it on a weekday as it was far too busy to really enjoy it but Jaxon absolutely loved it and could have spent hours and hours playing.

We then headed back to the hostel so that I could find a quiet corner for a video call with my Mum and some friends. With us being away, I missed my friend’s gender reveal party but my parents had it under control and the Mum-to-Be made it happen too. Mum called me on FaceTime then once my friend knew I was there and part of it, her and husband pulled their confetti cannon things so I didn’t miss the reveal. I’m so pleased and grateful that she did include me because I was quite sad that I was missing out on it.

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