Our Glamping Adventure – Day Three

Back in September (ish!), I asked Chris to look at accommodation overnight when we were in Norfolk for Becca‘s Wedding. Chris came up with the idea that we’d go glamping in Norfolk. This time it would be in a yurt unlike when we went in the bell tent back in May. Yes. Glamping in November. (And according to the car as I start this post, it’s currently 4C – brr!)

Glamping in November - Our Week in Norfolk

Day Three (Sunday)

That's frosty carpet outside our yurt. Brr it's cold glamping in November! This morning started with recharging the car at McDonald’s. Chris took Jaxon for a walk while I sat in the car and knitted. It was just what I needed. Friday was a bit stressful. Then it was followed by the stress of the car etc yesterday meant I needed time on my own to relax a bit. Jaxon is on the go all the time at the moment and it can be exhausting sometimes. We went to Roy’s in Wroxham for lunch. I had a panini but would have preferred McDonald’s which was just around the corner in the same building.

Following lunch, we popped into the toy department (which was actually a whole separate shop to the food hall). We got Jaxon a little toy for him to play with while we’re glamping this week. We hadn’t really packed enough toys to keep him occupied so by getting a new toy there was also that novelty of having a new toy.

Before heading back to the yurt, we stopped at the Bure Valley Railway. Jaxon loved seeing the trains. I love this picture of hte boys walking back to the car. They were both beting so cute. Jaxon was chatting away about one thing or another and Chris was asking him questions too. As the sun was setting we decided to head home and get all shut in the for the evening. Chris cooked dinner at the yurt and we ate dinner in the dining/living room area of the yurt. I guess if we had been glamping in the summer, we could have sat outside and eaten dinner but by the time we were eating it was in single figures and dark outside!

Once the boys were asleep and I wanted to read, I ended up using my iPad as a sort of torch to read my book by. It kind of worked but was really hard to keep reading. I’ve been reading The Rosie Project by Graeme Simison. It reminded me a lot of the film Adam starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne. I’d adopted the book from a Book Swap Shelf in a cafe that we visited. Reading on my iPad without wifi was proving a bit of a challenge so resorted to adopting a book with the idea that if I could finish it while I was away I wouldn’t have another book to take home and find space for. Using my iPad as a lamp to read by.

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