Part Two of my HUGE YAWN!

So today was as bad as yesterday. It was a little busier but I still didn’t know what to do some of the time.

I was nearly ready to go home at 4pm What was I supposed to do for half an hour – I’d already read all the magazines that were in reception! What does the normal girl find to do all day? lol

Anyhoo so I sort the mail and at 4:25pm head to the HR lady and say I’m off now going to take the post on my way out on the door – so that by the time I get back to reception it’s just about 4:28 and by the time I get to security it’s half past. Thats my normal routine. Well I go to see HR Lady and she says she you 2moro – I respond along the lines of erm no when I arrived on Friday I was told it was only for two days while Reception girlie was away. Well that caused a stink and I upset HR Lady and Guilia (Julia to you and me) at BlueArrow because I had organised stuff for the rest of the week having been told that I was only in for two days – hello my interview tomorrow has much more relevance to what I want to do than working as an admin assistant/receptionist at Argos.

I got to Mum’s and got a phone call from Guilia who seriously peeved at me. So I explained what had happened and that actually no one was clear or what I was doing and for how long so when it was “confirmed” to me on Friday I decided ok maybe Guilia had the wrong end of the stick and it was just for two days. I would hate to see the bitchy emails flying backwards and forwards at the moment lol.

My Dad phoned me and chatted about allsorts – also asked if I wanted a Modern Apprentaship in Engineering and sticking up telephone poles lol.

So the plan for 2moro is that I will be floating around in the morning and going to this interview/trail run 2moro afternoon. Then I think heading for cell in the evening I think.

Chris keeps shoving a Clementine in my direction – can I go get some Bananas from Tesco please they are soooo much nicer.

I did however write a lot for NaNoWriMo I just need to type it up and count my words lol

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