P.S I Love You

I finished reading the book about a week ago and decided that watching the film was next on the list. Now if I have the patience with my iPod keyboard I’m good to blog from my mum’s living room while watching csi las vegas. Everyone say “hi mum!!!!”

I knew the film would be different but I didn’t quite catch on how different. I will ty to avoid spoilers but can’t guarantee anything.

The book is by Cecelia Ahern. It’s set in Dublin however the film writers moved it to New York. There is two little bits in Ireland but it’s not the same.

Admitted I did cry!!!

I love girlie films and love happy endings – it has a sad beginning but gradually it gets better. There are big chunks that are missing like the ball what happened there????

I have to go as my battery is dying I will be back with more later or 2moro

(I’ve come back to edit it now I can see it properly on my computer!)

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