Friday Craziness

It’s one of those days where I’m not sure if I’m coming or going. I’ve had work all day as normal.

In my lunchbreak I had to do the following:

  • Go to the Opticians in town – show them my prescription and see if I can get some glasses – they should hopefully be on Buy 1 Get 1 Free or on 2 Pairs for £70 which could make all the difference (At my normal opticians it’s £95 for one set of glasses – so £45 for the frames and £50 for the lenses) (I’ll take pictures if I can later)
  • Take my HTC Desire handset to CPWH and book it in for repair – that way I can go back to HTC and say “It was sent off for repair but it hasn’t been fixed the problem is still there give me a new handset please thank you lovely person”

I would like to do the following:

  • Trade in my Blackberry Bold for something that will run as a standby handset while my HTC is away without costing me more money per month or meaning I have to change my contract.

Well the lunch break didn’t go so well.

  • The store that might have been able to “buy back” my Blackberry Bold, wouldn’t take it because the back cover is broken. But they suggested another store.
  • While in there I purchased a second hand Palm Pre to use while I put my HTC into repair.
  • I got to the Opticians and joined the queue to sort my glasses out – it was going pretty well but it was busy so I didn’t get seen till about 10 past – thankfully the girl who was looking after me was fab and totally understood where I was coming from so tried to put the purchase through as soon as she could.
  • I then walked back to the car as fast as I could because I was going to be late back to work.

After work I went back into town to visit the other store and put my HTC in for repair – I’m not sure they will actually be able to fix my phone as it’s software rather than hardware but at the same time they might then turn round and say because they can’t fix it they will do….. I would normally expect a replacement unit as it’s within warranty but I guess it depends what they think as it’s software and not the actual phone that is faulty and buggy.

Following that I went to meet Bex. We had this whole conversation on FB the other day about going running and getting healthy – it seemed like a great idea in theory in practice it was a little harder – I’m out of shape and not healthy at all – I think Bex might have been getting frustrated at me for slowing her down but at the same time I think she was appreciating the distraction.

Now we are having BBQ for tea – Chris is out in the garden being a caveman setting fire to bits of wood and things like that.

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