Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Cakes (Attempt 1)  by hannypants

Rainbow Cakes (Attempt 1) a photo by hannypants on Flickr.

So there is a whole discussion to be had about what makes a cupcake and what size it should be that’s a whole other topic.

On the other hand I made cupcakes! Woot! Well it was a fairy cakes recipe that should have made 24 but actually was closer to 18 but then I might have misjudged how much mixture should be in each cupcake lol.

Rainbow Cakes (Attempt 1)

Last week I read a post on Becca’s blog which was a “How To” post to make Rainbow Cupcakes. I’ve seen lots of images across the internet where different colour mixtures are used to create patterns – or like Battenburg where it’s cut and stuck back together again. I’ve made marble cake in the past which was chocolate cake mixture and plain cake mixture but never made any with crazy amounts of food colouring in them (I mean crazy – I put it a dash of green and it looked ill so I added like 5 more dashes and it came out this funny green colour but it works – I guess you could get technical and make purple or orange or something. I thought I’d try 3 shades and then go from there if I felt crazy enough.

I misjudged how much mixture I needed in each colour so in the end i ended up with some which lots of pink and no green or lots of green but hardly any pink (this is also how come I have 18 cakes and not 24 – then again it’s 16 now me and Chris have had one each lol.


    • Hannie says:

      Layers are easiest with rainbow cakes it seems. Fruit cake or fairy cakes (of sorts) are my party pieces but can try others – maybe even bring some up for the vintage fair weekend.

  1. Becca says:

    They look neat! I love the red at the bottom. It looks like a regular cupcake but when you bite into it its a surprise 🙂 mine had so much food coloring in them they were seriously neon, and people were like, are these safe to eat? haha.

    • Hannie says:

      I know right! Some look really green at the top whereas others look normal like they are plain cakes. I think red at the bottom but normal at the top would be good – it would be like cupcake surprise or something 🙂

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