Rambles: The Last Few Days


This is a bit of an unpolished post – I think I spend so much time trying to polish up the posts and made them publishable that I don’t blog and disappear for over a week! So this is just a spontaneous ramblings around what I’m thinking and feeling…

The countdown to Christmas is in single figures. In fact it’s now in the lower single figures, you can almost smell the turkey.

In some crazy attempt to be a Superwomen I volunteered to cook Christmas dinner. Not only have I not really done a whole roast by myself before, the majority of the time I cook simple things usually pasta based. Because of all the bits we’re involved in tomorrow at church, it made sense for us to have our big Christmas Dinner this evening for the evening meal rather than tomorrow lunchtime. Thankfully Chris is helping me to write a plan. Along the lines of:

1. Turkey in for x minutes
2. Add potatoes for x minutes
3. Etc
4. And so on and so forth.

In theory it’s idiot proof and I manage to do it. As a kid my Mum always cooked at Christmas and since being married Chris always cooked so I decided it was time to get over my lack of confidence and cook for us all. In theory this year is a little easier as by next christmas Jaxon could be walking and attempting to help us in the kitchen.

I started with how long the meat was going to take as that’s going to take the longest amount of time, I’ve then worked back from that. I’m currently typing this while waiting for Chris to finish what he’s doing so that I can walk through what I have done and what I have left to do. We’re also waiting on a friend popping by to deliver a present for Jaxon – how exciting.

While making the bits for dinner I also managed to make these sausages rolls for lunch, I cheated in that department as I use prerolled pastry. But Our Sidekick said that they were lovely and he’d love it if I made them again sometime.

Sausage Rolls