After the bits and pieces I did this morning Chris and Me had been invited to go to a BBQ at my parents church as part of Back To Church Sunday.

As I’d been to get Zoza from the Coach Station and then been to cheer on my friend Jen who was running a 10K this morning I hadn’t actually made it to church – apart from to sit outside and wait for Chris and when we went to the BBQ.

Anyhoo we’d finished eating and Chris, Rich (My brother), My Dad and Me were sat around the table chatting. I’d made a comment about how even though Jen had ran nearly 10K she was still really fast even at the end. I spotted her about 2 marshalls from the end (I think about 500m to the finish line or something like that) so I tried to keep pace with her and cheer her on about how close she was to the finish line and not to give up.

Well anyway my brother makes some comment about so that explains the tremors felt during the service! How rude! Well then those three descended into anarchy against me. Along the lines of my weight, earthquakes, tsunamis or worse (if there is worse). Well it was kinda hurtful and in the end I ended up in the loos – when it comes from my Brother or my Dad I know that they are just joking, they are both slightly overweight just like me. But it was still hurtful. Except when I tried to explain to my Mum what had been send I couldn’t help but laugh because it was still kinda funny.

One line my brother said was about this bit in Jurassic Park.

On the other hand my Grandma came into the chapel kitchen and told me that Mum was giving Rich and my Dad an earful about not being very nice. Grandma said that the devil plays on those insecurities and because we are there spending time together and showing love and all those sorts of things he plays on the negative to try and create rifts etc. My Grandma is so full of wisdom it’s great! If I’m 70 and as wise as her I think that I will have had a good life 😀

My Mum sent my Dad in who gave me a hug and then my brother followed after. I made a comment at him along the lines of “You’re so big you sat on a rainbow and Skittles popped out”, yes it is a “Yo Momma” joke but I couldn’t think of anything else weight related – he’d used the Jurassic Park line on me – it wasn’t original then. Anyway my brother gave me a hug and rather than hugging me he hugged my head which was kinda funny especially when I said something about that he stinks (funnily enough he let go then lol).

So yeah they were mean but they were funny too – there was some comment about that when I go on the trampoline it doesn’t have much effect here but it works like the Butterfly-Tsunami thing! (How rude!).

It’s okay it’ll all come out in therapy when I have a midlife crisis lol.

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