Reflect – 21st October


Here is my next catch up!

I have taken to self-portraits recently as I seem to have lots of camera shy friends who won’t let me take their portraits.

One of my favourites songs for stretching the vocal chords is Reflections from Mulan (Christina Aguilera sings it on the soundtrack)

Who is that girl I see?
Staring straight,
Back at me.
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

Tough Girl Kat told me that a singer called Lea Salonga sang the actual version that is the film. She also sang A Whole New World in Aladdin.


  1. Tough Girl Kat says:

    The girl who sang it on the movie was Lea Salonga. She’s the pride of the Philippines! Every filipino girl knows that song and “a whole new world” because Miss Lea was the singing voice in those movies.

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