Review – August

Review (August)


  • Chris’s birthday was at the beginning of the month – as two of our friends celebrated their birthday’s at the beginning of the month we had a group get together which was fun. We met at the new Pastor’s House and hung out there for the evening which was awesome.
  • Mum’s Birthday – 5 day’s after Chris’s birthday it was my Mum’s Birthday. We went out for dinner and my brother’s girlfriend came too which was cool. She seemed really nervous – but then again we’re all a bit crazy when we’re together so that probably freaked her out a little bit.
  • On Saturday I went to the Craft Fair at Wrest Park with Mum – I collected lots of business cards so I keep meaning to post links to the websites and things like that but it might have to wait until after LE2JOG now.
  • Me, Mum and Dad hung out together and watched the end of The 39 Steps and then watched Doctor Who amongst other things. So glad to see Matt and Karen back on the TV.

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