REVIEW: Dribble Bib and Breastfeeding Butterfly

When we were planning for Jaxon’s arrival, I started looking fro eBay bargains – especially on things that might take actual trying out with a baby – rather than with a doll like I did with the Hug A Bub carrier (much to the boys amusement!)

The second bargain was my Breastfeeding Butterfly by Faye and Lou. I’d seen their products advertised in one of the magazines or brochures and so had been eyeing up their products anyway. I had been looking for a cover to use while at church because it’s just the way it goes that Jaxon would need a feed in the middle of the service or something like that.

I received my butterfly and waited for Jaxon to arrive before I was able to try it out. He arrived at the beginning of July and on our first trip out of the house after arriving home was to visit the midwife/health visitor person. I took the butterfly with me but given how warm it was, how over dressed Jaxon was and how flustered I was getting I gave up and didn’t use it again during that trip out. The first few weeks that Jaxon was in the world were a sort of heatwave so he spent a lot of the first week or so of his life in his nappy wrapped in a muslin because anything else was overheating him. While the weather was still quite hot I would just used an oversized  As the weather started to cool down again I tried the breastfeeding butterfly again – it was definitely helpful when out with friends as well as at home when Our Sidekick was in and out of the living room.

When the opportunity arose to review the new version of the Breastfeeding Butterfly, I jumped at the chance. I really do like mine and wanted to see what the difference was. The new version is made of thinner fabric – that’s a good thing as it can be used in the summer even when it is really warm. There’s a new design to it too so that it can be worn in two different styles. The first is like an apron, this means that you have all the fabric in front of you and it means that it can completely cover baby and to a certain degree helps them to concentrate on feeding rather than what’s going on around them. The second style is to wear it over your shoulder and this covers the head and shoulders of baby rather than their whole body.

Faye and Lou's Breastfeeding Butterfly

I definitely prefer the first way of wearing it as you can put baby under it and get yourself sorted both before and after the feed whereas the second style is a little harder to keep yourself covered and juggle a baby (I’m guessing had Jaxon been a smaller baby it might have been easier to try either ways of wearing the butterfly.

Although when out and about now I am happy to just get on with feeding Jaxon when he needs it but in some situations, like in church or when hanging out with Our Sidekick, it’s generally better for me to cover up amd feed Jaxon. The newer version that I received is made out of a thinner fabric unlike the previous version which seemed to be thicker (although cotton too). At present it is £24.95 which puts it comparable to other covers such as the Bebe Au Lait cover that I’ve seen in a well known High Street store.

I was also sent the Four Way Dribble Bib by Faye and Lou to try out. The bibs are made from brightly colour muslin with an inner waterproof layer. You can fold and popper in four different positions (and also works well as a quick wipe up cloth too when needed!). It means that each time you unpopper and refold you have a clean and dry layer to use.

With Jaxon getting his first six teeth all before he turned six months (yes and I kept breastfeeding!) we were going through dribble bibs and other similar cloths at a rate of knots. Most would get soaked thorough and wouldn’t keep up with the dribble that was coming out of his mouth, we were switching them and replacing them every couple of hours – and sometimes they’d get soaked through and his clothes would also get soaked through. He’s now heading towards 9 months and the dribble bib is out again as we think the next teeth might be appearing soon.

I did have a bit of a challenge trying to popper it up one handed while holding Jaxon in the other arm, but I put that down to it being the first time that we’d used it and would have probably made more sense for me to sit him down and attempt it.A single Four Way Dribble Bib is £9.95, had I been buying a bib I wouldn’t have necessarily spent that much for an individual bib however as it can be reversed multiple times due to it’s thickness I would consider purchasing (although I think I would see if a second hand was on offer.

My Fab Assistant

Second attempt

Jaxon seems to put up with me taking his picture all the time! The first time invovled his exciting fidgeting, then again I think he knew it was a meal time coming up.

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Family Fever

This is a sponsored post and for full disclosure purposes, I received a Breastfeeding Butterfly and Four Way Dribbly Bib in return for a product review. Courtesy of by Faye and Lou.


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