Rhinoplasty today

So after my accident back in August it was about time that the car got fixed – so today I got up at 9am and took the car to the garage with some assistance (and taxi driving) from Grandad. My Grandma came with us as we went to the Greengrocers on the way to get their shopping. It was very funny because Grandma kept telling Grandad off but he’d just take the mickey out of her back. Me and Chris really struggle with that because sometimes Chris can actually be really person and really hurt my feelings.

Anyway we were in the car on the way back and it got even more sillier!!! Thats for sure! They chatted about where my Grandad used to live (the garage is about 3 minutes down the road from where my Great-Grandma and Great-Grandad used to live. Great-Grandma died when I was in Year 10 – I would have be about 14 and Great-Grandad now lives in a Old Folkies Home) and then my Grandma was going to show me where she used to live and then she completely missed it – she was too busy talking about how Grandad used to cycle through the village to her house to pick her up to go “courting”. It was very very very sweet.

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