The One with The Sims

So I have a whole post to write about my new game but I think I need to play it some more before I comment on it. This post however I thought of the other day and was reminded of it again.

I was thinking. On the sims game you have meters showing various different levels like hunger, energy and hygiene. Now in a random kinda science fiction way – what if you had meters like that implanted in your arm to identify what was up and what you needed to have or what to do to be able to fix it

(yup I am wierd!)


  1. David says:

    Not that wierd! Just think of the stress out would have saved me, just over the short time you had known me, if it was that easy to find out whats wrong, just look a thte meters on my arm and if I wasn’t co-operative or with it enough to do so for myself then you or anyone else could easily look at the thngy and work out exactly how to snap me out of it!
    btw Thanks for today, you and CJ are fab and we do appreciate it. Taking Nat off our hands was so great for us, I was so close to the edge this morning/lunch time.

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