six: sunday

I’m writing this while sat in the pub. We were invited for lunch with some friends but I’m not sure where they are. Oh well time for me to scribble down some ideas and create something worth reading.

So that was lunchtime. We’d had a discussion just before we left church about where we were going. Chris, Our Sidekick and I grabbed a drink and sat chatting. My phone started ringing. I answered it – it was our friend who had invited us to dinner. They were in a different pub – where were we?

Well there was confusion and we were in the wrong place. Eventually we were on the right place and all had lunch together.

Anyway that was earlier and now it’s 9:30pm. We’ve had time together today. I sat and watched Call The Midwife – Christmas Special and now I’m starting on Numb3rs Season One. It’s so long since I watched it that I thought I’d start over again.

Numb3rs Title Card

I also watched a film called My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. It’s an okay film but kinda random seeing Christopher Gorham playing someone other than Auggie in Covert Affairs.

Onto Season 1 Episode 2 of Numb3rs and more crochet.

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