Slimming Sunday (July 2017)

Well, welcome to my post for Slimming Sunday. As described on MrsShilts‘ blog, it’s a “weight loss, fitness, and healthy lifestyle linky” with Emma from Life According to Mrs Shilts and Michelle from Mummy From The Heart.

Slimming Sunday

So where have I been since I last joined in with this one back in March. Well around then.

I’ve continued to go to my SW group even though I’ve not really seen many losses and have wanted to quit. When the boys went way in the middle of June, I’d finally decided to get things sorted out. I’d been creeping further and further back to where I was when I started in 2013.

On the 2nd July the first challenge was posted as part of the REFIT On Demand Challenge. Rather than just relying on the scales to tell me what was happening I dug out a tape measure and measured myself. Round my middle, round my hips, around my bust/chest and around my arms. Now some of those haven’t changed but some have. So even if the scales aren’t showing much of a change I do have changes happening all over.

All in all, I’ve been trying to make little changes so that everything makes a bit of a difference.

Some days it’s easier than others but we’ll get there in the end. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Especially on those days where I’m doing giant paces backwards instead of forwards.

The REFIT challenge finishes this weekend but I think I will repeat the exercises through August too and continue to see changes in my body. I will still be using the videos on their YouTube Channel which you can find here if you want to try it out.

What changes are you making to create a healthier you?

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