So when we went to bed last night the car wasn’t running and I was looking at walking to work (I kinda hoped in some freaky reason that it would start running again this morning.)

I woke up this morning and CJ checked his phone and saw the weather – it said there was going to be snow and I told him that he was lying, that it wouldn’t happen – Bedford is in a bit of a rut so when it’s cold enough we get a sprinkling of snow but not enough to be a proper snow shower (as one of the guys at Star used to say – he was Canada – of course it wasn’t proper snow over here!)

I looked out of the window while grabbing my clothes from in front of the wardrobe and was gobsmacked! There was snow on the ground! It was snowing here in Bedford!!!!

Me and CJ wrapped up warm and went to try the car in case we could get it to push start. We had three attempts along the street and decided that it wasn’t going to start and that I needed to wrap up some more and start walking to work.

I don’t mind walking to work normally but it was so cold and snowy! I got to the park and the lake in the middle was frozen over and there was snow on the ice as well.

I took some photos and then carried on walking (I got a nice one of the bandstand surrounded in snow)

I got into work and my foot had started to hurt. I checked the back of my ankle and I had given myself a blister by wearing my walking shoes rather than trainers or boots (the idea being my feet would be warmer). I changed into my trainers and sat at my desk with one shoe on and one shoe off for most of the day in the hope that it would help the blister to go down.

I was chatting to Mr C by email this morning and we chatted about getting the battery for the car sorted out. He recommended that I talked to Andy W about it as he works with cars and in a garage now (I think!). I texted Andy and he called back almost straight away. He could sort the battery and he didn’t mind coming round in the evening to install it and make sure it was working. I had a smile from ear to ear – it was the thing I was worrying about the most was getting the new battery.

It was busy as it was the first day back properly after Christmas which meant I didn’t actually get a proper lunch break – I got about 10 minutes if you count standing in the queue in the canteen as a break. We’ve got a new system now where we have to write out these extra forms. The idea being that it will help to correct any pricing errors we might have. It’s a good idea and I don’t mind doing it but it is causing me extra work lol.

After work me and Mum went to Interchange to have a look for some bits. She needed paper for work so we went into Staples – spent ages looking at the different colours pens lol. That would be like a dream job working in a shop that just sold pens and funky notepads lol.

We then went to Argos and Toys R Us. My brother wants to get the band kit for Guitar Hero World Tour. Aparently it’s a different kit and guitar so he can’t his existing stuff with the Guitar Hero game. Unfortunately Bedford had sold out, so we couldn’t get it for him. We had a look round Matalan and Mum bought me a funky pink fleecy jumper (which is very warm!)

After that we grabbed KFC for tea and headed home. Me and Mum watched University Challenge (we decided that then when Dad gets home from his business trip we can watch it again and we’d look clever because we already know the answers lol!

We also watched Masterchef as the new series started last night – I’m not really keen on it but it’s okay. I keep telling my friend to go on it but because he’s classed as a professional chef he can’t go on it. (Maybe he should go on the Professionals one!)

We then watched P.S. I Love You – or at least we started watching it! Mum gave me a lift home. When I got home me and CJ put the Christmas decorations away. (I had asked him to start doing it before I got home but he hadn’t read the text message right and so decided to wait for me) Although they aren’t properly away in the attic they are at least down which is good.

After that we had about an hour to chill out doing stuff (he’s still working on the Lego village) then we headed to bed. That was the end of Monday!

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