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Mornings aren’t my best time – although my body might be awake it takes a little while for my brain to join the world of the awake. I got up on the 22nd June and did the usual – check my phone with one eye open (and the other one closed!), fidgeted a bit to see if Chris was awake then fall out of bed and head for the bathroom. On my way back from the bathroom this morning I looked down the stairs and there about 3 or 4 steps up was a package.

I nipped down the stairs and grabbed the box – it was for me! Well I knew the package was coming but I thought it would have been in a week or so not on a next day service. Clearly The Kiwi had been up before us and opened the door for the delivery person (I would have completely missed it, I was out for the count).

I was offered a new pair of trainers in exchange for a review of the shoes – I also put in some bits about their website. Now when it comes to new trainers I don’t like them when they are bright white or that they squeeze my feet (I wore my Roxy Trainers yesterday to the pub for the first time in ages and I felt like my toes were being crushed – I remembered why I don’t wear them any more), this is probably why I got with skater trainers because they come in better colours. So I nip in the bedroom and get dressed, then put my new shoes on. Now had I been on the right track it would have been better to wear them round the house before wearing them out. Well I didn’t do that – I put them straight on and headed out to work, by 10ish I had a blister coming up on my right heel. This is more my feet rather than the shoes btw!

Anyway so these are what my fab new shows look like.

My New Shoes!

When I received the email from Sylvie about the offer I had a look round the website to get my first impressions – I loved it – it was nice and easy to find stuff also it was the skater shop that never opened here when I was a teenager lol.

I had a look around the About Us pages as well it says

“ExtremePie.com was born back in 2001 as one of the earliest online retailers and since the day we arrived we’ve made it our mission to unearth, offer and deliver edgy, fresh and funky clothing and accessories to you at cracking prices direct to your door, all backed by great customer service.”

It also says that they “boast the broadest range of both global and niche brands, from Roxy and Nikita to Zoo York and Fenchurch.” I love the Roxy brand along with Animal – I also like finding niche ones that aren’t so well known. You know that way when you go to a party or something you won’t be wearing the same outfit as other people!

I looked at things like shipping and how long it would take to get to me. As with most websites it varies depending on how quick you want it (A next day service is about £5 and it goes down from there to a first class delivery which is quoted at 1 to 3 working days by Royal Mail – so presuming there are no delays you can have your bits with in a week. My shoes arrived on a next day service which did surprise me but which was really good – especially if you’re like me and you wear a pair of shoes until they are falling apart or let the rain in. I also had a look at payments – They don’t take Amex but on the other hand they accept Paypal which alot of sites don’t do even in this day.

I had the choice of DCs or Vans – I was tempted by the Vans but the pairs on offer were similar to the pair of Roxy shoes I had that didn’t fit so I decided to go with DCs as you can see above. I loved the pattern – the fact that I think all of them weren’t bright white sold me first!! I wore them to work that first week that they arrived and I’ve been wearing them lots. They are comfortable for work and things like that – I might have to wear them in a bit more before I wear them on any longer trips with lots of walking – but that is just personal preference.

This is a sponsored post.

The new shoes were provided for the purpose of review by Extreme Pie through FuelMyBlog. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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