Sunday 22nd May

First thing we did this morning before church was drive over to the other side of town to collect one of the Lost Boys so he could come to church – since him and his Mum moved he can’t walk himself to church like normal. You said to me that you had a sore throat and I was really unsympathetic.

Church was good fun – you, me and Lost Boy 1 were stood at the back of church ready and waiting with the flags and ribbons. Just before church started Mum, Dad and Rich arrived – they decided that it would be nice to come visit RP rather than going to their own church which was really cool.

At one point during the worship I asked you about going to stand closer to the front rather than standing at the back like we normally do. You said the song was too quiet and slow so we’d stay at the back for now. The next song though I went and stood in front of the sound desk and you stood over near the stage – I think it was good – no one said that it was a bad thing (then again no one said it was a good thing either lol).

After church we went out for lunch and took Lost Boy 1 with us. We had a large pizza between us with two toppings because we couldn’t make up our minds lol. We had pudding as well. We’d asked for cookie dough dessert which is my favourite without ice cream but when the girl brought it out it did have ice cream so the staff did a second pudding for us – so we ended up with two puddings between three of us lol. I ended up eating pretty much a whole one just to myself – which was a ridiculous move lol. You challenged me to eat the whole thing which was a really bad move because I wanted so badly to prove the point to you but it was so sweet I was beginning to feel really queasy.

We spent the rest of the day pretty much doing our own thing as you were feeling ill and I just wanted to have a siesta from eating too much lol.

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