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My car is in for it’s MOT today (so I could be carless if it fails 🙁 ) so I walked to work while my OH takes the car to the garage with my Dad. Me and My Mum had had a chat about how long it would take me to get to work – she said it would be about 30 minutes – so I left at 8am to be at work for 9am and I got here at 25 to 9!! Whoop! So now I know that I can leave my house at about 20 past and still walk to work. I’m still going to get my folding bike as I would prefer to cycle – especially up Cemetery Hill. (There’s a footpath that runs up a hill along side Bedford Cementery – thats why it’s Cementery Hill – It’s also fairly steep!

So this is the gatehouse to the park which I guess is where the rangers hang out (either that or someone actually lives there) Anyhoo I picked this for support as the scaffolding in supporting the building.


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