T Minus One


So this time tomorrow CJ will be sat at Heathrow Airport waiting for his plane to leave for Bangalore. I am really excited for him and I think it is going to be an awesome trip and he’s really going to get alot out of it. However he’s spend the last half an hour or so talking about what he has left to do and stuff to do with his other job.

I’m kinda fed up in all honesty. I pointed out to him that he needed to pack before today so that he could go to town or Interchange during the day or this evening if there were bits he needed to get. However in the way that he does he’s still not finished packing and he leaves tomorrow lunchtime ish.

Right thats it rant over now I am going to post lots of useless information about Bangalore to show my excited-ness.

1. Bangalore is also known as Bengaluru.
2. It’s the capital of the state of Karnataka.
3. It’s the third most populous city and “fifth-most populous urban agglomeration” (yup I did just say that what ever it means lol! Agglomeration is something along the lines of a metropolitan area)
4. There are historical references to the city before 900 CE (or AD) but the modern written history of a settlement there is from 1537 (if you want historical comparison at that point Henry VIII was on the throne of England.)
5. During the reign of the British Raj it was the colonial centre of Southern India.

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