The One with The Take Over Bid (1-12)

So I started this post over a month ago while I was hanging out with my Mum. I think most of the work was getting the URL’s for each blog – some I know off by heart and can read without RSS reader access but then there are other ones that I always get wrong and so have to read through the RSS reader. So I had a look at my RSS reader and found that I’ve got over 400 unread posts again and I’m subscribed to around 50 different blogs.

So the reason for putting up this post was to share some love before I clear them off and start over again.

So take a look and see if any are interesting to you. (I realised that it was going to take me a long time to do this post so here are the first 20ish)

  1. Angelika
  2. She’s awesome, I love her blog!! She has a little note written on her blog to first time readers. It’s like a hi-speed intro to sent up her and the people mentioned on her blog. I would write it out but that would be pointless as it’s on her blog!

  4. Just after Christmas I was part of a Penpal Swap on Swap-Bot, one of the people that I received from was Bobberdilly, he normally goes by Robert (he comments here on my blog quite often). He’s from Kansas in the USA, he refers to himself as “the old guy” – he’s about the same age as my Grandad so it’s cool hearing about his life, childhood and his adventures over the years.

  5. Calender Pages
  6. June is from New York and she’s another friend that I found through Swap-Bot back in 2007 when I was unemployed I received a swap from her called Lonely Mailbox. It was really cool as for 7 days I received mail everyday. There was a hiccup one day where two letters arrived in one day but I was good and waited till the next day to open it! I love her blog as she regularly posts images of quilts that she’s made or acquired – I love looking at the quilts – I used to make quilts (or at least attempt to)

  7. Cardiogirl
  8. Her blog is awesome! I specifically like the fact that each post starts with a patterned/coloured Converse low top to show the mood of the post. You can find out about why she picked the Low Tops here.

  9. Dreaming Out Loud
  10. I love this blog! The girl who writes it (who I always refer to as Marienko because I don’t know her real name!) reads lots like me so I love checking in to see what she’s read and to add my own To Be Read list (although at present nearly all my books are packed away ready to move house in two weeks).

  11. FreckleWonder
  12. I can’t remember how I ended up at her blog but I just love it soooo much – the pictures are always so bright and colourful!

  13. Gecko Musings
  14. Gecko a.k.a Jess lives in Australia!! As her blog introduces her she lives on a 6500 acre farm in New South Wales. She’s a student studying Agriculture and Horses. I love seeing the photos that she’s taken around the farm and on her travels round and about – one day I will make it to Australia for a holiday – I think I’d have to pack up for six months or something here in England and make my way round the country there is just too much to do! I want to visit Loz and Sheens in Melbourne and go to Australia Zoo thats two things and I think they are near enough the other side of the country to each other!  

  15. Hamblog
    Before Christmas during Advent I wrote a post for Becky’s blog which can be found here (bearing in mind that it is a Christmas-related post – You also need to scroll down a little way as there were some other bits included on that day).

I’m sorry about the strikethrough on some of the links my CSS must be playing up or something because it’s fine and then I reload the page and it’s knocked it out again 🙁


  1. Angelika says:

    Thanks for the link love! 🙂

    Evan – If you liked me, I wouldn’t be doing my job. Aloha HARD. You know what I mean, punk.
    .-= Angelika´s last blog ..High Five Friday – 6/12/09 =-.

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