TGIF: Things I’m Grateful For


Things I'm Grateful For

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It’s Friday so it’s time to share the things I am grateful for this week. This week started with Jaxon being poorly. He started with a cold but by Sunday he was wheezy. We’ve been to the doctors of some description four times this week so I’m glad it’s now Friday and he’s finally getting better – he’s still a little wheezy but he’s getting there.

Today I am grateful for my car. It sounds sort of silly but without it today I would have been truly stuck. My morning started by discussing with Our Sidekick about whether he could be off sick today. I explained that unless he was really dying could he go give it a go and if needed I would collect him from school. Once he’d despatched himself for school it was time for us to get organised. Today started by popping to the supermarket to get some bits for Jaxon before dropping him off at my parents house. I was off to a meeting with Children Services for Our Sidekick. It was hard work and when I came out of the meeting I really needed a hug and to know that I am okay. I’m grateful that my Dad was able to have Jaxon on his day off so that I didn’t have to worry about taking him with me to the meeting. My Mum would have probably had him but I know she was busy with it being beginning of the month.

I drove back to my parents to collect Jaxon, as I drew up outside their house and stopped the car my phone rang. It was Our Sidekick’s school asking if I could collect him. Well the deal had been that he needed to try and he had so I said I’d come get him. I jumped out the car and went into my parents, explained that Our Sidekick needed to be collected so I would go get him and take him home then I’d be back for Jaxon.

I got to the school and collect Our Sidekick, while I was driving him home I had a coughing fit and we had to pull over. I’m grateful for Our Sidekick because even though he was sick, he was amazing and took care of me, he passed me a tissue when I was coughing because I was also crying (that eye watering cry rather than crying because I was happy/sad). He kept telling me that I should stay home instead of going to help out my brother, I figured as I was just going to house sit at my brother’s while their new flooring was fitted and not really do anything it was better to sit and not doing anything at his house than let him down and stay at home.

I dropped Our Sidekick at home and then went back to my parents to collect Jaxon. He was still asleep and when I tried to the move the buggy I did wake him up – oops bad Mummy! I was grateful that he did have sleep before we went to Richard’s as I wasn’t sure how loud it would be when we got there.

We were at Richard’s house until Richard got home from work – I think the guys doing the flooring finished just as I loaded up the car to head home. As it had coincided with Chris finishing work, we came home via Chris’s work so that he could have a lift home. We got home and Our Sidekick was chilling in his room wrapped up his duvet.

I fed Jaxon then we got on with Our Sidekick’s paper round – I thought the papers and been collated but they hadn’t so Chris and I collated the main paper, residential pages and the leaflets all together and packed the trolley. We got Jaxon all wrapped up and headed out. The plan was I would pull the trolley, Chris would push the buggy and we’d both do the papers but actually the method we did actually worked. Chris sort of pushed the buggy with one hand and pulled the trolley with the other. Between the houses he would pre-fold three or four papers and then hand me the stack, while I did the next section of houses on the route he’d move on and start folding the next stack. It took us about 50 minutes to do the whole round. I think that’s probably half the time it takes Our Sidekick (even including the collating the papers it was even less time – maybe we need to help him pack his papers on a weekly basis). As we walked along part of the round we could see the fireworks from the Rugby Club all the way in town – as the crow flies we live about a mile and a half from the rugby club but it was loud even here!

It was tiring doing the paper round but it did need to be done really before the end of today. We came home and I had a BBQ Chicken Baguette for dinner – I think the lettuce in the baguette was the only thing on plan but given the exercise that I had just done I think I can let myself off a little bit lol.

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