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Things I'm Grateful For

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Opportunities A text message from my Mum started it but I think that was prompted by a conversation she had where she was on Monday and it’s gone from there. It’s a really good opportunity and very exciting.

Prayer Partners There’s a three of us and we’re encouraging each other in our faith but also other aspects of being a lady. One lady had teenage kids, one lady has her husband and her gorgeous fur baby. We’re each different in the sense we aren’t all employed in the same field or are the same age for example and get we’ve come together to give each this support. I’m very grateful to them especially this week which has been a little crazy.

Our Sidekick he got his mock GCSE results this week and some were what he expected and others weren’t. We had a little falling out yesterday and so I was a little worried that he’d be equally upset today. When he got in from school he wasn’t upset like yesterday and we had a lovely chat. He even arrived home with doughnuts that he’d bought himself. (Not going to help the waistline but when you’re teenager does something sweet like that you suck it up and deal with it!)

Two Other Mothers I’m a member of various pro-breastfeeding groups on FB. One of these has encouraged lots of little tribes to spring up to support the ladies around them who might need support and encouragement. The one that covers the UK doesn’t seem to be working a the moment. I commented on the page and explained that I needed some advice (and given its to do with breastfeeding Jaxon it was fairly urgent). Well two lovely ladies from Denver, Colorado were like “if you like join our group” so I’m an honorary/adopted Denverite for that group. I won’t get to go to meet ups and things like that but they are on the end of a FB message if I need someone which is super lovely.

Plane Tickets My friend is coming home for a couple of weeks from her mission trip and I’m soooo excited! When she left Jaxon was a bump and she’s been watching him grow from FB and emailed pictures. Now she gets to see him in person and I get to hug her for the first in nearly 10 months!! So excited to see her!

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  1. shelbylclarke says:

    Hannah, sorry it has taken me so long to comment! You have so much to be grateful for! My prayer friends are vital to my walk in faith and I can’t imagine my life without them! I’m glad you have a group to support you!

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