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Ever since I was young after Birthdays and Christmas it was encouraged that we wrote Thank You cards. Now I always figured that this was something my Mum made us do because it made her feel good or something. However as I’ve grown up and become more responsible for making myself get on with them, it often makes the person who gave you a gift feel like you appreciated it.

I know that one year my Great Aunt got in a proper twist because she hadn’t received a thank you card from us. I’m not sure what actually happened after that but I just remember her getting in one over it – so I guess it’s a big deal lol.

My friend Katie lives in the States she’s a blogger but her main thing is running her own business called Katie Blair Designs. She mainly does stock items but if you ask her nicely she does custom jobs 😀

Every so often she sends out an e-mail newsletter. Now I love her products – I’ve bought birthday presents and cards from her and hosted a giveaway to win one of her journals.

So with no further ado – courtesy of Katie we have four tips for you about Thank You notes.
As we enter months filled with parties, dinners, gifts and favors, it’s time to sharpen up our rusty thank you note writing skills. If you’re anything like me, your personal gratitude history is probably paved with thank you notes that never quite got written – or those sad few that you did write, but then stuck in a drawer and finally threw away six months later.

To help you out (and to make the holiday thank you parade a little less overwhelming), I’ve compiled a few of my favorite thank you note tips:

1. It’s OK if it’s late. Yes, you should get a thank you note in the mail as soon as possible. But if you forget, or if you’ve been putting it off, that doesn’t mean the opportunity has passed. Write a quick note, and add a lighthearted apology to the end. The recipient will appreciate the gesture.

2. Have supplies ready. Before the holidays, stock up on thank you notes and stamps. Start compiling an address list of people who usually send you gifts or invite you to holiday parties. If possible, keep a thank you note kit ready – include cards, envelopes, stamps, and a nice pen or two. That way, when you need to write a note, you’ll have everything ready to go.

3. When in doubt, send a note. Sure, everyone knows you should say thank you for a gift. And dinner parties are no-brainers. But what about less obvious areas – like a neighbor who shovels your walk or a postman who makes an extra stop to make sure your gifts get in the mail? If you’d like to say thanks, go ahead and do it. No one’s ever going to be disappointed to get a handwritten note, and you might make someone’s day.

4. Say more than thanks. Add a little something beyond the expected to make your note more enjoyable to read. Tell them what your family’s holiday plans are, or that funny story about your kids playing snow tag.

If you have tips for Katie (and for me lol) leave a comment and I will be sure to pass them on – I’m sure she’d be super grateful!

So maybe my Mum does make sense! Thank you cards are lovely and can make someone’s day – so even if it’s a little thing it could make a huge difference to the person you are giving it to.

You can visit her Online Store here. She also has a store with Etsy. You can read her blog or follow on Twitter.
All the text above in italics is from Katie’s Newletter that was sent out. The image is from her Etsy store – please ask her before reposting (leave a comment and I will forward onto her).


    • Hannie says:

      Juan, If you read the whole post it does point out that the image belongs to Katie as it’s one of her designs.

  1. cardiogirl says:

    That’s a great idea about leaving a note for the neighbor. My next-door neighbors are awesome. They routinely shovel my walk in winter and I never know how to adequately thank them. I think I’m going to leave a quick note this winter.

    p.s. All of her note cards are really cool!

    • Hannie says:

      I bet your neighbour will love a thank you 🙂

      I wish England was closer to the US so I could go to craft shows and stock up on Katie created goodies lol

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