The Bear Necessaties

Ok I think I spelt it wrong oops! So having been inspired by Little Wanda and her Ladybug, I went off to find my hedgehog which was easier said that done – I am not sure where it went so I found my bear – it was a present from Natalie when I left Wickes last year – it was a thank you for all the times I helped her with work. I realised that the bear doesn’t have a name :(.

Serious Swapper

The bear loves Swap-Bot and making friend over the internet.

Tea for Two

I don’t drink tea but Chris does so Bear made him a cup of tea – he enjoyed it! It’s his day off today but he’s having to do college work (ok this is stupid it’s so grey and dreary outside and looks like it is going to seriously rain – I think I need to put the lights on soon!)

Holy Bear

I took this next one on the way to Doobie’s this morning. (Not surprising it was getting dark – it’s now raining not just Cats and Dogs but Lions and Tigers too! Theres low rumble like thunder but it’s totally the wrong type of weather for thunder and lighting!)

I have more random images which are posted below – I will get to commenting on them but not just at the moment lol.

Leaves ReadingNew Socks




  1. Ellie says:


    You have to name him! How about bearbot…just kidding. What about swapples, like snuggles, but swapples cos of swapbot? Emmm…I’m not good at finding names 🙁

  2. God's Rock Angel says:

    Swapples sounds good! I think we should have a vote or something – I have to decide if it’s a boy or a girl – I don’t really know lol! Even the Fabster (Karen’s Daugther) approved of the bear

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