The Friday Read: No 4

The Friday Read

The Book You Have Re-Read The Most Often

Okay so here I’m going to quote a film and it’s because it always springs to mind whenever someone asks me about re-reading the same book. (Then again I couldn’t decide which quote to use so they are both here). First is Kathleen Kelly to Joe Fox in You’ve Got Mail.

I guess I’ve read Pride & Prejudice about 100 times and every time I read it I worry that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are not going to get together — but the truth is whenever I think about my favourite book I always think about the books I read as a child –

The second is still in You’ve Got Mail but it’s the other way round and kinda used as a bit of a dig almost:

I didn’t know you were a Jane Austen fan. Not that it’s a surprise. I bet you read it every year. I bet you just love Mr. Darcy, and that your sentimental heart beats wildly at the thought that he and whatever her name is are really, honestly and truly going to end up together.

I’m completely the opposite to this – I think the only books that I’ve personally read (Rather than had read to me) more than once have been ones I’ve studied at school – for example Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth (amongst others I’m sure) or the Harry Potter books – I actually finished re-reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows in time to see the second part at the cinema back in July.

I don’t know whether it’s just I didn’t like the books enough to read them more than once or because I then remember the story and know what’s coming.

(On a different note I have tried reading Pride and Prejudice – multiple times I struggle to get past about chapter 4 – I know that Lizzie and Mr Darcy get together and so it kind of defeats reading the book but at the same time I want to read it so that I can say that I did read it).

The only other book I can think of that I may have read multiple times was Soul Sista by Beth Redman. It’s about being a girl of God and trying to grow up the right way – I even had a signed copy! (Although it says “To Anna” rather than “To Hannah” as I had a stinky cold when I met Beth). It was like 100 pages I think and had slightly larger font that normal so it was something I could take with me on weekends awau without clogging up my bag with big books. (Having said that, I might see if I still have it my ‘Little Sis’ might like it).


  1. Sally-Jayne Braisby says:

    Only just discovered your Friday Reads. Thought this entry was especially interesting because my answer to this prompt was…. Pride and Prejudice! It’s far too late to read the rest of your Friday Read posts tonight, so I’ll come back tomorrow for the rest.

    • Hannie says:

      Hello! and Welcome 🙂 They should be easy enough to find but if not click here and it should take you to all the posts tagged “The Friday Read”. I look forward to reading yours too – I had a quick look last night – especially at the 100 Word Challenges – that looks like good fun – you might like as well 🙂

    • Sally-Jayne Braisby says:

      Mytal looks good – I might try it sometime. The 100 Word Challenges are fun and you get lots of feedback from the other writers. It’s definitely worth a go,

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