The One With A Plan

I’m not really one for planning when it comes to blog posts. A lot of the time I park in front of the computer and type what pings into my brain. But between now and Christmas I have a plan or at least something I am trying to aim for.

I’m going to be writing what I can ready to schedule for busy days and things like that.
There’s going to be my Top Christmas Films and my top Christmas Songs (both inspired by conversations that I’ve had with RickieWrites over the last few days – have a visit – there is a cool post about Twitter).

There’s going to be a post about my mysterious reader at some point. This secrecy has its fun but I want to talk about it and how this person read my blog (of all things lol).

There will be a couple of book reviews and film reviews too, probably more as we get towards Christmas as there seems to be bucketloads on over Christmas – if we have internet by then I’ll be queuing the programs up on the computer to record. Somewhere over Christmas me and JD are going to see Orson Welles and me (Well if it’s still open because apparently it came out at the beginning of December).

Anyway it looks like excitement all the way!

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