The One with a Summary

So to a certain degree this is an unedited post – well at least to that it will be copied from my email account to my blog:

  • 10 Years ago on Friday I got baptised. How exciting is that! (Also makes me ask what have I achieved in ten years of my life?)
  • My friend is back from university and trying to organise to go out with him on evening but he is away this week. I think he’s just finished his third year so he might be moving home but then again maybe he is staying away I’m not sure.
  • Friday: Me and CJ went out for tea in MK after picking up his fixed MacBook from The Apple Store – I was disappointed that there were hardly any helpful Apple people around – I think they were all hiding or something. We had tea at Frankie and Benny’s it was lovely especially my pudding of Waffles – they are becoming my favourite but I can’t make them at home – need to save up for a waffle press thingy.
  • Saturday: So CJ was on a mad panic – The Kiwi was due to move in (but for one or another reason it’s been postponed to Monday — Yay new housemate!!!) so CJ was climbing the walls to try and make the house tidy so that when she moves in he doesn’t get embarrassed about the mess etc. I took the Wendy Lady to the supermarket – when we got there I called my Mum to see if she wanted anything – just as my brother walked out the store – he was going anyway and had asked Mum the same question. Me and The Wendy Lady did our shopping and headed to the till. While we were at the till I got hit on the head by a magazine – I was about to freak out and turned round and The Giant (aka my brother) was there. He’d been out to the cash point when we’d seen him before. We took the shopping in the car and he cycled home – we had a little race and he beat me only by the time it took him to get off his bike lol (it was very close due to the dopey motorist who couldn’t decided whether or not to pull out onto the roundabout.
  • Sunday: Band went okay – I managed to play my solo bit which I was chuffed about but I missed my opportunity for a victory moment like I had on Thursday. Finished Season 6 of Voyager – yup one season to go!
  • Today: Lovely new house mate moves in today and can’t wait for her to move in – I think our house is going to mad all the time!
  • Also today: going to the cinema with the Shopholic – we’re going to see The Proposal – I do hope it’s good lol.
  • A girlie at church gets married on Friday – it’s kinda excited but because of the timing I can’t actually go – I can probably nip down in my lunch break but knowing me I’d arrive at the most inconvenient moment. “Does anyone here have a reason why these two people can’t be married???” *Hannah falls through the door onto her face*
  • I still need to get started on my dare – I was dared by a lovely friend from Twitter about writing a Wikipedia page about me!
  • Finished two swaps over the weekend which is good, still need to start and finish Jox’s Journal for the Round Robin but I should have that done by the end of the week.
  • I lost my purse had a panic about it because I thought I may have lost it in the park on the way home so I called the police and had a nice chat with a policewoman who gave me a reference number in case they found it/it was handed in. I got home at lunch and found it – heart attack over. It was like right in front of the bed and I’m sure I should have seen it this morning when I got dressed for work but I guess I was flapping too much
  • That jelly bean tasted like washing up liquid or bubble bath – it was not nice!!
  • As I tweeted about – why does my iPod keep playing Christmas songs – in August it’s not fair!!!! (Apparently in Surrey there was a frost the other morning – thankfully we didn’t have frost – or at least my tomatoes survived it.
  • As I write this our new housemate is moving in, her aunt and her cousins are here to help as well – I am sure I should be doing something more helpful but I’m not really sure what I can do – I think I’ll stay here and keep clear lol.
  • Is it pah-sta or paaaasta lol
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