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So apparently (because I wasn’t awake or something like that), yesterday was Ada Lovelace Day. I saw it mentioned on Twitter this morning and so I went and phoned tweeted a friend this morning and asked her what it was about. The friend I tweeted is Dr Sue Black who is someone I’ve met IRL via the #140Conference in London (we discussed IT Curriculum), she’s the head of something technology related at the save Bletchley Park.

I guess I can be excused a little as Ada Lovelace Day has only been going for the last two years. The point of yesterday is to celebrate women in Science and Technology.

Ada herself was interested Mathematics when she young, which was interesting because at the time women were considered “too frail” to understand. She worked with Charles Babbage while he was considering the idea of the Analytical Machine (which is considered an early computer.) Ada wrote a program for this machine and had it ever actually been built her program would have been able to calculate various different sequeneces. Thus Ada is attributed as being the first Computer Programmer.

Hence Ada Lovelace Day.

There have been lots of blog posts being posted on Finding Ada.

Here are some that I liked or found interesting:

Marielle (there is a little bit of strong language with regards to the FaceBook bit later on in the post.)


Wendy from the USA wrote about Amelia Earhart – who I think is cool 🙂 (I think I blogged about Amelia Earhart once – I’ll see if I can find it lol)

 Thomas – Yes even guys can blog about Ladies in Tech! (He writes about Sue – my friend from earlier!)

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