The One With Delirious

Mike Rimmer @ Cross Rhythms compiled lots of clips together about people all over the country getting History Maker by Delirious to Number 1 later today (18 hours and we’ll know!!!!)

I remember seeing Delirious in the chart on TOTP when I was about 14 with the song Deeper – I never saw them actually perform on the BBC. However on Wednesday and again this afternoon the DJs at Radio 1 (Greg James played it on his MidWeek Chart Show and it was requested lots on Reggie Yates Show this afternoon and then was played around 5pm ish. (if you go here and start playing at 58 mins ish then you can hear it – It’ll only be up until next Saturday) )


    • Hannie says:

      I think I used to sleep through it or watch CD:UK lol. Either that was out in the garden with my Dad or at Saturday Morning Music school

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