The one with hi five

I’ve always known that kids with special needs are a bit more of a handful. But I need to throw up my hand and give those parents a hi-five.

I started this post on Tuesday which is why it’s kinda written in the wrong tenses.

This afternoon I was on my way home from work and got a text from my friend. He’d had a rubbish afternoon and it was looking like he’d be going to the crisis team again. As The Gibb was already on his way I knew I could stand down. Then it crossed my mind maybe taking Princess Nat to our flat so that friend and wife could talk to The Gibb without Princess Nat interuptions.

So I did a funny loop round town and headed back towards work as Friend lives out that way.

I picked up Nat and we headed back to the flat. Turns out CJ decided pizza might be needed for tea then we’d go to church as it was more Princess Nat friendly.

We drove across town to Kempston to go the pizza place then CJ realised he needed to be in Bromham for 7pm we got to the pizza place and it was like 20 to 7!!! So then I drove to Bromham and then back to Princess Nats house.

My poor little car was cranking up the town driving just going backwards and forwards.

It was good fun but I really struggled with focusing on directions at the same time as making sure Nat was facing forward and had her belt on and stuff like that. So hi five to the parent son special needs kids you all rock my socks into next week!!!

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