The One with Lots of Crafts

So today I went to the craft fair with my Mum, Dad and Grandad. I wasn’t sure what to expect seeing as the last craft fair I went to was when I went to Olympia like 6 or 7 years ago!

We arrived at Wrest Park and I knew it was some country house thing but I wasn’t totally sure about it so was really excited lol. What made it even more exciting was when we walked round the corner and it looked like something out of Austen! WOOhoo!

See…. (I had taken like three or found pictures but none of them were particularly great see here and here.

Wrest Park

In the back garden (I say back garden but seeing as we came into the garden from the back of the house it should be the front garden!) there were all the marquees and stands. I could write about every single stand I went to but I think my fingers might drop off lol.

My favourite stand of all would have to be Blackthorn Workshops – they sold hand made leather bound journals – they were so lovely!!! I wanted to buy one but £30 was a little too much out of my price range – I might have to get in contact after Christmas or my next Birthday lol. The lovely lady on the stand is called Nicky and her website can be found here.

I also found this amazing handbag made from Innocent Fruit Smoothie cartons – it was amazing! (Again would have purchased but it was £80 and a custom made!)

Innocent Handbag

On the way home I googled Wrest Park to see if it had been used in any TV programmes – It looked like it had fallen out of Jane Austen. Anyway I found out that the video for the The Fear by Lily Allen was filmed there (or at least some of it). When she’s dancing at the bottom of the stair (with the blue carpets in like a cross shape) – thats the foyer where you enter (The gift shop is like where the camera is in one of the shots lol). At the end with the dancing balloons me, Mum Dad and Grandad sat at the bottom of those steps and ate ice lollies/ice creams this afternoon.

EDIT: I just googled it and found this link and apparently its not for sale! HUH?! Maybe she changed her mind or something


  1. Kristin says:

    The last craft fair I went to was in a school cafeteria…a far cry for this lovely place…I am jealous! And it looks like they had great stuff too – no cross-stiched kittens for you :).

  2. Lorraine says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting me. 🙂 Yes I love the journals as well and my husband bought me one last year. It is lovely and soft. Her work is brilliant!
    I did see the bag made from Innocent smoothie cartons.

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