The One with Some Links :)

Once again I’ve been following the Entrecard trail and following the links – so here are some that I found:


So I’ve had her cartoon picture on my site for a couple of days now. She’s like me and write about the stuff around her. Her posts tend to be short and to the point which is cool.

Australian Women Online

Not sure why this would be relevant to me because I’m like 9-10 time zones away from Australia but hopefully one day I’ll visit and I’m sure its relevant to alot of ladies out there. There seems to be a lot of information crammed into a small space (it’s a little off putting) but all in all I like it

Parenting Teens Blog

Ok so I know nothing about parenting a teen but I have been a teen and it’s interesting to see things from the other angle. The most recent post was about her teen failing his driving test – I remember failing my driving test the first time and my Mum being there when I burst into tears and was incoherent for a little while – what do you say?! Anything you do say doesn’t turn the fail into pass.

Mum was also there when I got my AS/A Level results (and when I said I was okay then stood in the dining and cried for like half an hour!). She was also at the end of the telephone when I got my final results and found I’d passed my degree! Mums Rock!

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