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Book Worm

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So on the way home from town today I wanted to stop in The Eagle Bookshop on the way down Castle Road. CJ sat with me outside while I looked through the racks outstide but he was getting annoyed with me because I love books and I love sitting there and looking at them and taking them in and stuff like that.

People I AM A BOOKWORM!!!!

CJ often mentions while we are watching Grand Designs about how his kitchen would be like this and he’d have a sofa like that and stuff like that. The main thing in my Grand Design house would be to have a library all of my own where I could put my books. I would have a big slouchy chair that I could crash in and just read to my hearts content. Well for now I have to do with the bookcases we have (Ikea fab-ness once again)

Anyway back to the book shop! So CJ get annoyed that I’m taking too long and in the end heads off back to the church office without me – turns out I spent over half an hour looking at books lol. I sat and read two chapter of a book before putting it in the maybe pile lol.

In the end I purchased three books (I realised that I only had about £2 on me and so wouldn’t be able to get too many books lol) I bought: Self by Yann Martel (He wrote The Life of Pi), Galatea 2.2 by Richard Powers (Might have to stick post it notes on the front cover lol. It’s got a painting called La Fornarina by Raphael as the front cover – the lady in the painting isn’t wearing alot lol) and Papa Hemingway by A.E. Hotchner (Biography of Ernest Hemingway – I’ve never read any of his work but one day I’ll get there lol)


  1. Elle says:

    Oh books, how I love thee! 😀 I desperately need a library, I have piles of books everywhere and am even contemplating giving some away as there’s just no room! Meep! :s

  2. God's Rock Angel says:

    Maybe we need to swap some or something lol. That way we don’t lose them completely hehe. Then again have you tried BookCrossing?

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