The One With The Childhood Memories

The theme of todays New Friend Friday is

Favourite Childhood Memory

I have so many lol. I think these are my favourites.
I was about 11 or 12 and we had a whole bunch of snow – which was kinda rare for our area, me and my brother, and our friends from over the road starting making snowmen and having a snowball fight in the street – then the kids from next door came out to join in too – there was 6 of us creating a bit of havoc in the street lol. We then had kind of run out of snow so we started on each others gardens lol. First my parents, then the garden across the street and then the next door – we were so exhausted after that lol.

My Cousin Tubi (That’s too-bee like Hamlet (To be or not to be) rather than Tubby) was born when I was 8 and I remember sitting in this hospital chair holding this tiny baby, she’s now 16 and sitting her GCSE’s. I feel kinda old! That tiny baby is now a teenage girl!

When we were younger me and The Stig went to Hills Lower School, next door to this was Hazeldene Lower, where two of our cousins went. Our Grandparents’ house backed onto the school field. I’ve been told that when I was in the Early Years Unit (which is like Kindergarten) I’d worked out which section of fence was for my Grandparents house, and at break time was told off for standing next to the fence talking to “the nice man” – well the nice man was my Grandad lol.

The other running joke was how Grandma would threaten about putting a gate in the back fence so that we could just nip through rather than walking all the way round to her house.

When I 10 I went to a bible camp with my parents and my brother. At the end of one of the kids meetings I decided that I wanted Jesus to be my best friend and I wanted to live my life for his way (or at least try to lol). I didn’t realise quite how exciting it was for my family I told my Mum and Dad and they were excited and told my grandparents too who were at the bible camp as well. It’s only really now that I realise just how excited they were and why they were so excited, when I see the young people at church becoming Christians.

I can probably think of a whole bunch more but these are the only few that specifically spring to mind.

Did you know when you have a song stuck in your head it’s called an Ohrwurm, well that’s the German phrase for it, the English version is Earworm which sounds kinda gross lol. Then again Tune Wedgy just made me laugh lol. (I’ve had “Hey Kristina” by ALL CAPS stuck in my head now for about two hours – I’ve got their album Bm/E in the car atm)

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