Movies: Julie and Julia

So apart from Save The Last Dance there are very few films that have inspired me quite as much as this one.

Today I went to see Julia and Julie – ok I couldn’t wait to organise the trip with the ladies from church (although I will be going to see it for a second time lol.)

I have come home and for the first time in ages I want to cook. I’m thinking of doing scrambled eggs for my tea – it’s something I can do but without it being too challenging.

I realised when I saw the cover on Julie’s book case in the film – I have one of her cooking books! When I got married two years ago I was given a book called The All New All Purpose Joy of Cooking – ok so it’s not the same as the one they slate most of the way through the film but it’s mine it’s my copy and I want to cook – this is like a miracle and so I need to get a shifty before I lose this feeling of wanting to cook.

So lovelies I will be back with evidence of my achievements lol. (And hopefully my swollen ankle holds up!!!)

Bon Appetit!!

BTW I found Julie’s original blog and her new blog today – I have visited her original blog before and commented but I now want to link to it. Apparently the Julie/Julia has had over 4.6 Million hits since it was started 🙂

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